Fire Prevention and Investigation Division

This Division provides for fire and building code enforcement, public safety, research and testing of new materials and technology. In the more recent history of the Fire Prevention Bureau, we have become more extensively involved with enforcement of hazardous materials ordinances and codes. 

The Fire Prevention Bureau consists of two major divisions, Fire Investigation and Fire Prevention. Within the Fire Investigation Bureau, we have 12 investigators who work around the clock to investigate causes of fires and determine the fault. In that bureau is our Juvenile Firesetter Intervention Program.

In this program our goal is to save lives and protect property. To do this, we must modify the behavior of children who are using fire before they cause injury or death, damage property, or it becomes necessary to charge them with a criminal act. If you know about a child who has firesetting behavior or want more information about this program, contact Denver Fire Investigation Bureau at (720) 913-8241.

The Fire Prevention Bureau (FIB) is comprised of 8 separate groups, including: 

  • Certificate of Occupancy (C/O), Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO) and Business License Inspections
  • Engineering 
  • Flammables 
  • Hazardous Materials Permits and Inspections 
  • High Rise and Warehouse Inspections 
  • Hospital and School Inspections 
  • Public Assembly Permits and Special Detail 
  • Sprinkler and Fire Alarm Testing child and elderly care, high rise and public assembly, flammables and hazardous materials, institutions and health care, system testing, license and CO sign-off. 

Each of these groups represents an expertise especially designed to ensure code compliance, and safety and education as they relate to their respective group.