Technical Services Division

The Technical Services division contains four groups: Fire Dispatch/Communications, Fleet Management, Facility Maintenance and the Line Shop.

Fire Dispatch/Communications

The Dispatch group, which acts as an integral part of the 911 call system, dispatches, tracks and monitors all communications for more than 100,000 emergency service calls annually, and operates the emergency warning systems.

Fleet Management

Fleet Management originated in 1880 as part of the original eleven “professional” members hired when numerous volunteer hose companies combined to form the Denver Fire Department. That first rank of “machinist” indicated the firefighter was a highly skilled machinist, mechanic and blacksmith. That tradition continues to this day. Mechanics hired today are required to possess a journeyman’s full range of skills and knowledge.

Fleet Management performs all aspects of repair and maintenance for nearly every piece of equipment and vehicle used by the Denver Fire Department.

The “Repair Shop” as it is most commonly known, is a full service facility. It is responsible for handling all of the fire department’s vehicles from inception, design, construction, and maintaining through its entire service life of 20 years or more all the way through to its decommission. The Repair Shop also maintains virtually all of the personal safety equipment, small equipment, and rescue tools used by Denver firefighters every day.

Facility Maintenance

The Facility Maintenance section is responsible for ongoing service and maintenance of hundreds of thousands of square feet of property and building space. The group also oversees the acquisition, design, and construction of new facilities for the Department.

Line Shop

The Line Shop is responsible for providing all electronic and electrical maintenance service for the department, and specialized support for the electrical systems at the 911 Combined Communications Center and maintenance of the 72-siren emergency warning system. It is also responsible for research, development, and implementation of new technologies. The Line Shop performs a broad range of technical functions, including installation, maintenance, and repair of department radios, automatic vehicle location systems, and mobile data computer terminals. They also maintain Denver’s fire alarm box system and fire station electrical systems.