Division of Real Estate - Frequently Asked Questions

Division of Real Estate
Frequently Asked Questions

I have gone to the Assessment Office and they have told me that a property is owned by the City and County of Denver, how can I find out what it is being used for, or if I can buy it?

The Division of Real Estate office manages a file system that contains records of purchases and uses of City-owned properties. If you are interested in a property for purchase the Division of Real Estate office will provide you with information on the sale process of City surplus property.


What is the process for sale of City-owned surplus property?

See General Sales Information link on the left column of this page.
Can you give me some information about the City program where you can buy/lease property "cheaply"?

Sometimes there are programs, that the City may participate in, that make funds available for new home purchase or rehabilitation that may be available in the form of grants or assistance. None of these programs originate or are run through the Division of Real Estate office. A good source for housing and grant programs would be Division of Housing & Neighborhood Development or Denver Housing Authority or local mortgage companies.