Tips for BOA Hearings

The Board strongly urges you to adhere to the following: 

(Failure May Jeopardize Your Appeal.)

1. At least 2 weeks before the hearing, provide the office of the Board with an Improvement Location Certificate (a.k.a. Survey Plot Plan) or an accurate, scaled site plan of the property. This will be used to prepare a sketch of your property and the surrounding area, reviewed by each Board member during the hearing.

2. On all major construction, such as new structures or second story additions, submit scale drawings of a plot plan and elevations. It is best if these drawings are done by a professional architect, engineer, or designer. They do not need to be final construction drawings, but they do need to be to scale, have accurate dimensions, and show the style and finish material of the proposed structure. Any relief granted will be "per plans filed". The Board sends its copy of the plans to the Zoning Department. Make sure the plans show what you intend to build! If you apply for a building/zoning permit with plans that do not match the ones given to the Board at the hearing, you will probably be denied and sent back to the Board for a "modification".

3. On second story additions or two-story homes, it is advisable to have a solar access (light/shadow) study showing any light impact on the property to the north. If there is opposition to your appeal, this study may be crucial.

4. Talk to your neighbors before you post the notification sign.

(a) Show them your plans.

(b) Explain exactly what your appeal is about.

(c) Try to obtain approval of the plans in writing by letter or petition from the owners. They can also sign the plans to show that they have seen and approved of the proposal. Be sure they give their addresses. If any of these owners oppose your appeal, the Board will consider the circumstances, including any appearances, letters, or petitions of opposition.

5. Contact your Registered Neighborhood Organization(s) (R.N.O.) as soon as you get your notice. Try to set up a meeting with them to explain your case and obtain their approval in writing.

6. Posting of Your Notification Sign is Critical!! Post the Notification Sign in accordance with the instructions on the sheet attached to the sign when it is picked up. Any failure to post the notification sign that requires a rescheduling of the appeal will result in an additional $50.00 fee.

7. If all owners cannot attend the hearing, please provide a proper notarized Power of Attorney on the correct form provided by the Board. Whether a Corporate, Co-Owner or Individual Power of Attorney is required will depend on the situation. Failure to present a properly executed power of attorney will delay the release of your decision.

Assistance: The staff of the Board may render limited assistance in the filing of the appeal, but may NOT give any legal advice or make any predictions on the outcome of a case.

ZPSES only:  Submit your packet of information addressing the ZPSE criteria to the Board's office when you pick up your sign.