Mayor's Bicycle Advisory Committee

The purpose of the MBAC is to advise the Mayor and City Council of the City and County of Denver, and all Departments of and consultants to the City, on all matters relating to the use of bicycles as a means of transportation and recreation. MBAC reviews and make recommendations on planning, design, and development of projects prepared by developers, City Departments, and consultants affecting the use of bicycles.

Committee info:

25 Members
3 Year Terms
Compensation: None
City Council Approval: No


Jennifer Barbour, 12/31/2011
Gregory Crichlow, 12/31/2011
Melina Dempsey, 12/31/2011
Nathalie Eddy, 12/31/2011
Shelley Smith, 12/31/2011
Richard Gannon, 12/31/2011
Jason Sharman, 12/31/2011
Dan Bush, 12/31/2012
Aylene McCallum, 12/31/2012
Douglas Shinkle, 12/31/2012
Tom Wagner, 12/31/2012
Roger Adams, 12/31/2012
Jim McCotter, 12/31/2012
Jeffery C Miller, 12/31/2012
Gary Reed, 12/31/2012
Andrew Duvall, 12/31/2013
John Hayden, 12/31/2013
Christian Hendrickson, 12/31/2013
Jim Perlberg, 12/31/2013
David Rapp, 12/31/2013
Meets: Monthly on the first Thursday at 5:30 pm, 201 West Colfax Avenue, Room 4.I.5
Emily Snyder, Senior City Planner, 720-913-4562 
Qualifications: None
Enabling Authority: None