October 26, 2006

Board of Ethics
October 26, 2006


Chair Ann Terry called the meeting to order at 1:39 pm. Also present were Lori Mack, Leslie Lawson and Leonard Plank. Carolyn Lievers was absent.

  • It was moved, seconded and passed unanimously to approve the minutes of the September 28, 2006 Board of Ethics meeting.
  • The Board discussed future meeting dates and decided that the remainder of the meetings in 2006 would be on November 16 and December 7.
  • Assistant City Attorney Helen Raabe introduced herself. She will henceforth be assigned to be the advisor to the Board of Ethics from the City Attorney’s Office, among her other duties. As Deputy City Attorney in 2000, she was involved in the drafting of the Code of Ethics at that time.
  • Ms. Raabe gave an oral legal opinion, which had been requested by the Board’s Staff Director, regarding whether the Denver Code of Ethics applies to members of the boards of local maintenance districts. Her opinion is that the Board of Ethics does have jurisdiction to review complaints against board members of local maintenance districts. She continued, however, that any such complaints would have to be reviewed on their own facts.
  •  The Board had a general discussion about local maintenance districts, which are allowed by Section 7.1.1 of the Denver Charter, with Ms. Raabe and Chantal Unfug from the Mayor’s Office of Boards and Commissions. All agreed that it would be beneficial to provide information to local maintenance district board members about the Denver Code of Ethics.
  •  There was not sufficient time to continue with discussion from the September 28 Board meeting concerning gifts to the city. The Board will conduct further discussion on November 16.
  • It was moved, seconded and passed to go into executive session to consider Cases 06-36 through 06-43.
  • The meeting adjourned at 2:45 following the conclusion of the executive session.


Respectfully submitted,

Michael Henry, Staff Director

Approved by Board of Ethics – November 16, 2006