April 24, 2003

Board of Ethics
April 24, 2003




1. Chair Charles Savage called the meeting to order at 1:45 pm. Board members Christopher Weimer and Leslie Lawson were also present. Denise Maes and Carolyn Lievers were absent. Leonard P. Plank was present to observe the meeting. His appointment to the Board of Ethics is expected to receive final approval by City Council on April 28, 2003 for the seat being vacated by Ms. Maes. Board members signed a letter to Ms. Maes expressing appreciation for her service.

2. The minutes of the Board of Ethics meeting of April 3, 2003 were approved.

3. Staff Director Michael Henry encouraged Board members to attend: 1) a discussion on April 25 with the city’s ethics trainers about their experiences in delivering ethics training to city employees and 2) a forum on April 29 for the candidates for Mayor co-sponsored by the Diversity Advisory Committee and the Board of Ethics.

4. Michael Henry advised the Board that the Career Service Authority Board approved on April 17 amendments to CSA Rule 15 which 1) refer directly to the Code of Ethics instead of paraphrasing the Code of Ethics and 2) prohibit retaliation against city employees for filing an inquiry with the Board of Ethics or cooperating in an investigation by the Board of Ethics.

5. Michael Henry and Charles Savage reported that the Career Service Authority tabulation indicates that 60.2% of city employees have received at least 3 hours of ethics training through March 31, 2003.

6. Professor Roy Wood of the University of Denver indicated that he and Professor Spoma Jovanovic of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro will be making presentations to the Board at its meetings on May 22 and June 26 concerning their observations of the Code of Ethics and the Board of Ethics.

7. Michael Henry presented the budget report for the Board of Ethics, which showed that, as of April 30, 2003 (33 1/3% of the budget year), the Board has expended 26.4% of its 2003 budget. He then advised the Board that the Mayor and the Budget and Management Office are requesting every city agency to reduce its 2004 budget request (due on May 31, 2003) by 7% as compared to the 2003 approved budget. The Board agreed with his recommendation to achieve that reduction by reducing the “on-call compensation” line item by $6700. He will present the full 2004 budget request to the Board on May 22 for final approval.

8. The Board then had a discussion about its first hearing on an inquiry, which took place on April 14, 2003 for the entire day, with approximately 15 witnesses and many exhibits. The Board members and the Staff Director agreed that the parties handled their cases professionally and that the hearing was well-conducted.

9. Police Officer Barry Overton summarized his request for an advisory opinion and answered questions from Board members.

10. It was moved, seconded and passed unanimously to go into executive session to deliberate on Cases 03-14 through 03-16.

11. Following conclusion of the executive session, the meeting adjourned at 2:50pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Michael Henry
Staff Director

Approved: May 22, 2003