February 27, 2003

Board of Ethics
February 27, 2003


1. Chair Charles Savage called the meeting to order at 1:30 pm. Board members Christopher Weimer, Carolyn Lievers and Leslie Lawson were also present. Denise Maes was absent.

2. The minutes of the January 23, 2003, meeting were approved.

3. Charles Savage reported that the City Council approved placement of a charter amendment dealing with ethics on the May 6, 2003 municipal election ballot. He and Staff Director Michael Henry worked with the Charter Revision Committee to draft sections of the proposed amendment. Among other things, the amendment, if passed, will place a requirement in the Denver Charter that the City Council “shall establish by ordinance a Code of Ethics…” and that the Mayor and City Council “shall appoint” a Board of Ethics. Currently, neither the Code of Ethics nor the Board of Ethics are required by the Charter.

4. Charles Savage advised the Board that the Board’s 2002 annual report has been printed and distributed to the Mayor, City Council, agency heads, candidates for municipal office and other interested parties. The report has also been posted on the website of the Board of Ethics.

5. Charles Savage and Michael Henry reported that the Career Service Authority Board voted on February 20 to promulgate amendments to Career Service Authority Rule 15 (Code of Conduct) for comment by city employees. The purposes of the amendments are 1) to reduce confusion by citing the Code of Ethics directly, rather than paraphrasing the Code of Ethics. And 2) to prohibit retaliation against an employee for filing an inquiry with the Board of Ethics or cooperating in an investigation by the Board of Ethics.

6. Charles Savage and Michael Henry informed the Board that approximately 40% of city employees have received at least 3 hours of ethics training as of January 31, 2003. Some of the agencies and departments are just beginning their training. The goal is for 100% completion by May 31, 2003.

7. Kent Smiley provided information to the Board regarding a request for advisory opinion submitted by the Denver Office of Information Technology.

8. Professor Roy Wood of the University of Denver advised the Board that he and Professor Spoma Jovanovic of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro are still pursuing grant opportunities to assist the Board of Ethics with public information about the Code of Ethics and ethics training for the new elected officials and agency heads after the 2003 election.

9. Sylvia Smith of the Auditor’s Office informed the Board that the city’s Diversity Advisory Committee is planning a forum for mayoral candidates to address issues of diversity and ethics. Board members expressed willingness to cooperate with the Diversity Advisory Committee in planning and implementing the forum.

10. It was moved, seconded and passed unanimously to go into executive session to deliberate on Cases 03-6 through 03-9 (requests for advisory opinions) and to continue to screen Case 03-2 (inquiry).

11. Following the conclusion of the executive session, the meeting adjourned at 3:40 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Michael Henry
Staff Director

Approved by the Board of Ethics: April 3, 2003