Crime Prevention and Control Commission

Members: 15
Year Terms: 3
Compensation: None, reimbursed for reasonable expenses.
City Council Approval: yes


Stacey Hervey, 9/1/14
Honorable Angela Williams, 9/1/14
Mark Wright, 9/1/14
Barbara Downing, 9/1/15
Adam Espinosa, 9/1/15
Cheryl Heard, 9/1/15
Sean McDermott, 9/1/15
Heather Salazar, 9/1/15

Shawn Cohn, 9/1/16
Louise Boris, 9/1/16
Henry Jackson, 9/1/16
Nikki Johnson, 9/1/16

Alvin LaCabe, Manage of Safety - POM
Gerald Whitman, Chief of Police - POM
Bill Lovingier, Undersheriff - POM
Mary Celeste, Presiding Judge County Court - POM
Vince DiCroce,City Attorney - POM
Tom Moore, Community Corrections Director - POM
Karla Maraccini, Drug Strategy Director - POM
Jeaneene Millier,Community Correction Dir. POM
Robert Mowatt, State Chief Probation Officer - POM
Erik Garcia-Gillespie,State Public Defender - Pom
Michael Vallejos, Colorado State Public Defender - POM
Councilman Rick Garcia, Council District #1
Councilman Paul Lopez, Council District #3
Councilman Doug Linkhart, Councilmember-At-Large

Larry Naves - Chief Judge - 2nd Judicial Court-POM
Mitch Morrisey - District Attorney - POM

Function: (1) to reduce Crime, partly by reducing criminal recidivism (2) to facilitate coordination among justice system agencies (3) support the development of a data-driven criminal justice system that offers a range of evidence-based sanctions and programs (4) facilitate the development of information technology and data necessary for effective criminal justice policy development, jail population mgmt, and evaluation of sanctions and programs to hold offenders accountable(5)facilitate efficient use of jail space by encouraging alternatives, where appropriate; (6) to recommend expenditures from the Crime Prevention and Control Fund.

: 15 representatives shall be from the following: defense bar, offender service providers, Denver Public Schools, Juvenile Services Planning Committee, city/county juvenile justice system academia, homeless and mental health service providers, 3 victim advocates or representatives, Denver State Delegation, and 3 community at large. 12 members shall be designated agency officers and 3 shall be Denver City Council members. 

Regina Huerter,  Manager of Safety Office,  (720) 913-6606,

Third Wednesday of each month, 3-5 pm at 13th and Cherokee in the police auditorium

Enabling Authorization: CB 152 2005