Denver Early Childhood Council

# of Members: 20 Members; 2 appointed by the Mayor
Year Terms: 3 year terms
Compensation: None
Confirmation: None

Diana Gadison, 6/30/16

Mitchell McKee, 6/30/16


Function: To secure adequate funding in order to provide comprehensive quality early childhood education in order to start young children and their families on the road to success in school and in their lives.

Qualifications: Representation from the Mayor's office, Denver Public Schools, City Council, City Agencies, Head Start, Private for Profit and Non-profit Child Care and Education providers, Health Professionals, Parents and the Business Community.

 Emily Bustos,, (720) 423-8070

Meets: Monthly- First Thursday, from 9 a.m.-11 a.m., 3532 Franklin Street

For more information visit the Mayor's Office for Education and Children and the Denver Early Childhood Council website.

Enabling Authorization:Joint Agreement