# of Members: 6
3 Year Terms
Compensation: None
Confirmation: None

Rick Simms, 12/01/13
Lucille Johnson, 12/01/14
Jesse Ogas, 12/01/14
Roberta Payne, 12/01/14
Doug Linkart, 12/01/14

Mary Haynes, 12/01/15


Function: The board is responsible for developing and maintaining a system of care for the mentally ill in Denver, soliciting and receiving funds to be used for service to indigent patients, directly providing health care services under certain conditions and attempting to serve the mental health needs of Denver citizens.

Qualifications: 5 members shall be from the following areas: Denver City Council, Denver Health Medical Center, Colorado General Assembly, State or Municipal government offices, mental health advocacy organizations, health and medical professionals, board members or similar executives from the business community and philanthropic organizations, and/or consumers of mental health services

Meets: Monthly on the fourth Wednesday at 5:30 p.m., at 4141 East Dickenson Place

Contact: Carl Clark, 303 504-6649

For more information visit the Mental Health Center of Denver website.

Enabling Authorization: Executive Order