# of Members: 23 Members
2 Year Terms
Compensation: $75 per meeting
Confirmation: City Council

Andrew Johnston, 6/30/15
Barbara Puls, 6/30/15
Peter Baertlein, 6/30/15
Steve Garcia, 6/30/15
Victor Padilla, 6/30/15

Charlie Brown, 6/30/16

Ronald K. Younger, 6/30/16
Cheryl Cohen-Vader, 6/30/16

Function: To oversee the policies and operations of the district as well as the $18 million in capital improvements authorized in the 1982 bond election.

Qualifications: Members chosen from 20 municipalities and quasi-municipal jurisdictions, within the Denver Metro area. New members every odd year. Members must be Denver residents.

Meets: Monthly on the third Tuesday at 5:30 p.m., District Office, 6450 York Street.

Contact: Brenda Hungerford, 303 286-3306

For more information visit the Metro Wastewater Reclamation District website.

Enabling Authorization: Colorado Revised Statute 32-4-5, 1953; City Ordinance 1961