Denver Boards and Commissions

# of Members: 15 Members
3 Year Terms
Compensation: None
Confirmation: City Council
Sunniva Rodgers, 6/30/11
James Smithwick, 6/30/11
Samar Tehrani, 6/30/11
Catherine Chan, 6/30/11
Walt Armijo, 6/30/12
Jane-Frances Echeozo, 6/30/12
Eric Gonzales, 6/30/12
Marcia Helfant, 6/30/12
Kathy Maloney, 6/30/12
Christy L. Morris, 6/30/12
Caitlin Quander, 6/30/12
Brandi Shigley, 6/30/12
Mayra Rosa, 6/30/12
Dafna Michaelson, 6/30/12
Ursla Null, 6/30/12

Function: The mission is to enhance the social, economic and political quality of life in Denver by assisting women in the attainment of equality and full opportunity. It empowers women through coalition building and disseminating information and other resources. The primary focus is legislation and other public policy affecting women.
Qualifications: Residents of the city with twelve (12) members being women and three (3) members being men. One member must be classified as an exempt employee of the city. One member, at the time of appointment, must be a nonexempt city employee and who has been employed for more than five (5) years with the city.

Contact Person: Chaer Robert, 720-913-8465 chaer.robert@ci.denver.co.us

Meets: Monthly on the first Thursday, 6–8 p.m.

For more information, please visit the Denver Women's Commission's website.

Enabling Authorization: Ordinance 235, Revised Municipal Code 231