Whether you’re a start up looking to open your first store or an established business looking to expand, securing all the necessary financing to turn your business opportunities into reality can be a difficult task.  For businesses that locate or expand in targeted industrial or commercial business areas within the City, the Denver Office of Economic Development Small Business Lending Group offers “gap” financing to eligible start-up and/or expanding businesses. 

There are two gap financing programs available to businesses depending on the business location:

Denver’s Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) program
Neighborhood Business Revitalization (NBR) loan program

The goals of the RLF and NBR programs are to create jobs in Denver’s targeted industrial and commercial business areas and stimulate the revitalization of neighborhood retail districts.  To be eligible for a loan, your business must:
  • Be located in either the RLF and/or NBR target area (click here to see RLF/NBR maps)
  • Secure at least 50% (NBR) or 75% (RLF) of the equity and private financing needed for the project
  • Submit a complete business plan to a Small Business Economic Development Specialist.

Click the links below for details and requirements on the RLF and NBR loan programs and our financing tools matrix which highlights additinal financing resources.

RLF Program
NBR Program

Our specialists can refer you to a technical resource center for further assistance if you would like assistance in preparing a RLF or NBR loan application. 

Contact Us
Contact OED’s Small Business Lending Group at 720.913.1999 for more information.

Financing Under 50k
For financing needs under $50,000, the best option may be to get in touch with a variety of local micro lenders through the Colorado Microfinance Alliance. 

Colorado Microfinance Alliance