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The Office of Human Resources (OHR) recognizes career development initiatives as a key driver of employee attraction, engagement and retention.  OHR's CAREERS Program streamlines career development opportunities across city-wide departments.  The CAREERS initiative is designed to attract, develop and retain talented employees.  Recognizing that supporting individuals in developing their careers is fundamental to the City and County of Denver's continued success.
The program is designed to help managers, supervisors and employees develop a partnership in creating a learning environment that aligns with business strategies, support individuals in career development and focuses on talent management and succession planning for the future.
Program Objectives
  • Support all employees in their career development initiatives
  • Meet the needs of the City in succession planning and talent management
  • Deliver highly skilled workers to City agencies
  • Develop the City workforce of the future



What is the CAREERS Program?

The CAREERS Program is a career development initiative that provides guidance in creating a career management strategy that addresss the needs of a broader employee population by providng career resources to all City employees.  The program's goal is to provide tools and resources needed for continuous learning, career decision-making, job satisfaction, employee engagement, personal and professional development, while meeting the goals and objectives of the organzation.


What are the components of the CAREERS Program?

*Career Counseling

Career counseling is a planning and development process designed to identify growth opportunities for employees.  The Career Counseling session is designed to gather information and explore individual needs.  It allows the career counselor to gain information needed to help participants make effective and appropriate decisions about their careers.



Assessments are conducted as an additional facilitation tool to help participants gain knowledge about different aspects of themselves that will help them in the decision making process.  Most assessments are done via self-reporting instruments, and there is no right or wrong answer.  Participants discover additional knowledge and hidden talents about themselves that they might not have ever thought possible.  Assessments offered through the CAREERS Program are:

  • Reading, Writing & Math
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, Access, Outlook)
  • Specialized assessments in accounting, legal, finance, etc.
  • Strong Interest Inventory (career assessment) 


Individual Development Plan (IDP)

The Individual Development Plan (IDP) is a tool to assist individuals in personal and professional development.  The main purpose is to help individuals reach short and long-term career goals, as well as improve current job performance. 

Individual development planning benefits the organization by aligning employee training and development efforts with the mission, goals, and objectives and assists in developing a better understanding of the employees’ professional goals, strengths, and development needs resulting in a realistic employee development training plan.

Career Awareness Workshop

The Career Awareness Workshop is a four hour workshops to provide individuals with an introduction to the career development process. An assessment is taken based on individual interest and provides individuals with a comprehensive profile of interest, occupations, and personal styles. The assessment helps individuals make decisions about careers and education and how they align with business strategies within the organization. 

Career Paths

Career paths are informational tools that are useful to assist individuals in preparing for progression in various careers, either by advancing, moving into a lateral position or into a position of more responsibility.  Career paths provide information on education and experience requirements for classifications utilized throughout the City. These can be used by individuals and supervisors to define career development opportunities. Career paths can also be utilized to develop succession plans for key positions within a department or agency.

Professional Resume Development

Professional Resume Development is a four hour workshop that provides participants with resume concepts that highlight their skills for particular positions. Workshops include developing professional objectives, focusing on accomplishments, and summarizing experiences for particular positions. The facilitator is also available to review and critique resumes on an on-going basis.

Professional Interviewing Techniques

Individuals are encouraged to attend the Professional Resume Development workshop prior to participating in this workshop. The Professional Interviewing Techniques workshop is a four hour workshop that provides resources for participants who are preparing to interview for specific positions. Techniques are taught in demonstrating certain knowledge, skills, and abilities, by giving specific examples from their past experiences and performance. Individuals learn how to present themselves and answer questions in a professional manner. This workshop includes participating in actual “mock interviews” as part of preparation of the actual interview.

Follow-Up & Feedback

As part of the CAREERS Program, the career counselor provides on-going feedback and follow-up throughout the participant’s career development endeavors.

What is the managers/supervisors role in the CAREERS Program?

Managers/supervisors play a key role in the success of the City by supporting the development and engagement of employees in on-going continuing education and career growth.  The CAREERS Program provides guidance to managers and supervisors how to integrate employee development initiatives on-the-job.

Who can utilize the CAREERS Program?


All city managers/supervisors and employees may utilize the CAREERS Program for personal and professional growth opportunities.

What are the costs associated with the CAREERS Program?

The CAREERS Program offers these valuable tools and resources to managers, supervisor and employees at no cost. 

Where can I get more information?

Contact Marion Lujan, Career Development Specialist, at 720.913.5622 or e-mail



The CAREERS Program is intended to help participants identify their skills, abilities, interest, values, career goals and educational opportunities. It is also intended to help them understand their career options within the City. The program is not intended to tell participants what career to pursue, provide job placement, or decide on individual's career path. Rather, it is a process that helps employees identify their skills, abilities, interests, values, and career options while assisting managers and supervisors in identifying appropriate employee development training opportunities.

*Career Counseling Policies

This service is strictly confidential.  Administrative leave may be used for Career Counseling, with permission from your supervisor or manager per CS rules. Career Counseling is a voluntary program and is exempt from the grievance and appeals process.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact Marion Lujan, Career Development Specialist by email or by phone at (720) 913-5622.

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