2012 DECC Employee Committee

DECC Heads Into Its 23rd Year!
By Beth Machann, Chair, DECC Committee

We are continually impressed by the generosity of Denver city employees.  In 2010, through our collective efforts, city employees raised over $460,000 for local charities.  Smiles come easily when we think of all the people in our communities who have been helped by your gifts.

It is our pleasure to serve as leaders for the 2011 Denver Employees’ Combined Campaign; and we send a heartfelt THANK YOU to all of you!

The members of the DECC Committee, as appointed by the Mayor, are:

Beth Machann, Chair, Controller’s Office  (720) 913-5515
Karen Brennan, Department of Public Works  (303) 446-3765
Annie Christensen, Department of Aviation  (303) 342-2360
Arlene Dykstra, City Attorney's Office  (720) 913-8410
Juan Marsh, Department of Parks and Recreation  (720) 865-0871
Nyle Boyd, Career Service Authority (720) 913-5602
Rachelle Naishtut, Denver Public Library (720) 865-2100

Susan Thoman, Denver Human Services  (720) 913-1611

All of us are eager to hear your suggestions, at any time, to make the DECC even more successful each year.