City Offices Closed

On Friday,  July 3, City offices will be closed in observation of the Independence Day holiday  We regret any inconvenience and will reopen the following Monday. Programming continues on the Channel and online. Council coverage resumes on Monday, July 6. No legislative meetings will occur this week.

Denver 8 TV is a part of Denver Media Services which provides production services and franchise oversight for the City and County of Denver, Colorado government

  •  Denver 8 TV is the municipal access television station for the City and County of Denver, Colorado government
  • Our operations and facilities provide media production services to the elected branches of city government and to city departments and agencies. 
  • We provide fully scheduled video programming services on cable TV and the Internet

 The office also monitors and enforces compliance of the cable franchise  which includes:
  • resolving customer service concerns/compliants with Comcast cable company (Xfininty)
  • overseeing regulations of franchise and permits
  • providing oversight of Public Access cable television
  • and advising City policy makers on cable and telecommunications issues

The Denver 8 TV / Media Services office is a division of the City and County of Denver’s Technology Services Department.
Find more information on these Web pages and at .

Channel 58
"City Info & Services Channel"

Channel 58 is also a government access cable channel operated by Denver 8 to provide additional information about City services, activities, and events provided by the departmetns/agencies of the City and County of Denver.

The channel is a visual 
display board for City Info & Services
Tune in 24 hours a day -
  • top of every hour for access to city jobs
  • at :15 and :45 catch the latest events at Denver's cultural facilities
  • at other regular times find Recreation activities or Library offerings
  • or find contact info for city services

Production Services

DENVER MEDIA SERVICES is a city source for complete and scalable Production Servicesavailable to city government, quasi-governmental organizations and active municipal government partners. 

Your project will meet professional and business-class quality production standards. We can provide the experience, talent and facilities to create a great product at an excellent value for your project

Main Office - for Denver Media Services
Contact us by mail:
Denver Media Services
City and County of Denver
1437 Bannock St.
Mailbox P3
Denver, Colorado 80202

On the Web

The City and County of Denver provides streaming video of Denver 8 TV programming.
You can view the channel LIVE as it is scheduled, or you can choose from a wide variety of videos on demand, including archived coverage of public meetings and all City-produced local shows.
For direct access, use the address - anytime!
Or look for the "Watch Denver videos" tab on the front page of DenverGov.

On Cable

Through the Comcast-Denver cable franchise, the channel is carried on the basic tier and reaches every Denver subscriber in the local cable system -- approximately 135,000 households.

Our channels are the highest quality standard definition digital signals played back digitally over a fiber optic land connection to the Comcast headend, where it is then distributed to the home.


Denver 8 TV is an acknowledged leader among municipal access television facilities locally and nationally. Our productions receive continual professional recognition including numerous ACE, TELLY and Regional EMMY awards.
Denver 8 programming has been selected by the National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors numerous times for Excellence in Municipal Programming in the U.S.

Programming Goals

The programs we air on Denver 8 TV are created and distributed to enhance understanding of and access to the processes of the Denver community government as it operates locally, and also within the larger context of regional, national, and worldwide public affairs.
To help make Denver a world class city where everyone matters, our programming content foster the activities and understanding to:
  • provide greater public awareness and understanding of Denver City and County government
  • encourage dialogue and interaction between citizens and city officials
  • enhance delivery of government services to the public
  • increase community awareness of the depth and breadth of important community issues by providing programming that informs, educates, enlightens, and promotes exchange of ideas
  • provide accurate, timely information about emergency preparedness, and during actual emergencies.
  • enhance the public health and general welfare of the community.
  • act as a resource of television technologies for all city departments and enhance their public information dissemination
  • support city employee training

New episodes of our programs are shown daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly depending on the specific program. Our core programming focuses on providing access to city government. As such, Denver City Council, City Council Committee, Mayor-Council, and other meetings are aired live when they happen. The programs are also shown again the same night, and at a regularly-scheduled weekend time, to make it convenient to stay current with Denver City Government.

Please visit our Denver 8 TV Program Schedule for current listings; or, this Complete list of program descriptions and play times will provide specific information for all of our programs.