Final Design Begins!
In early April 2012, the City and County of Denver (CCD) began final design for two portions of the overall project:

  • Project 1 – South Broadway Reconstruction: Kentucky to south of Tennessee 
  • Project 2 – South Broadway Reconstruction: South of Tennessee to Arizona & East Mississippi Reconstruction: Consolidated Mainline Railway to Sherman

Final Design Project Scope:
The overall project scope for these two projects will reconstruct South Broadway from Kentucky Avenue to Arizona Avenue and Mississippi Avenue between the Consolidated Main Line Railway (CML) and Lincoln Street. Improvements will include roadway widening; multi-use paths from Arizona to Kentucky along Broadway and from the CML to Sherman along Mississippi; pedestrian and street lighting; landscape and streetscape; and upgraded signalized intersections at Broadway/Tennessee and Broadway/Mississippi. Click on the following icons below to access more information.

Project 1 & 2 Schedule        Typical Section Broadway Section D-D    Typical Section Broadway Section E-E

Design Progress Early Fall 2012:
  • Working on finalizing the roadway modeling and final grading.
  • Progressing on retaining wall design for wall located on the north side of Mississippi west of Broadway.
  • Continuing work on storm drainage system design.
  • Working on design of utility relocations for multiple utilities within the project limits.
  • Working on landscape, streetscape and lighting design.
  • Finalizing right-of-way plans.

Project Schedule:
  • February 2013 – Final Design Review Meeting 
  • May 2013 – Design Completed
  • 2013 – ROW Acquisition
  • Fall 2014 Construction of Broadway from Kentucky to South of Tennessee

Public Outreach

Contact Information

Mike Harmer, Project Manager
Denver Public Works
(720) 913-4526

Jeanne Sharps, P.E.
Felsburg, Holt, & Ullevig

Nanci Regnier, Public Outreach
Regnier & Associates, Inc.
(303) 680-6849