About Denver's Partners Against Graffiti

Denver Partners Against Graffiti (DPAG) provides free graffiti removal assistance on business and residential properties within the City & County of Denver.  DPAG crews remove graffiti using current equipment and graffiti removal methods (painting, hand cleaning or power washing).

DPAG also offers:
  • FREE graffiti removal supplies for citizens to remove graffiti from their property
  • FREE graffiti removal supplies for citizens to remove graffiti in their community
  • Assistance in organizing community graffiti cleanups
  • A speakers for school, business, community and civic groups 
  • A variety of volunteer opportunities to keep our communities graffiti free
Call 3-1-1 for more information.

Report and Remove Graffiti

Reporting and promptly removing graffiti are the 2 best ways to help stop graffiti in Denver.