Monthly Meeting

The September 12 Board Meeting will be held at the Denver Animal Shelter at 1241 W. Bayaud Ave., in the Community Room.

Board of Environmental Health - Welcome Message

Welcome to the Board of Environmental Health website.
The Board of Environmental Health is an all-volunteer board that acts as Denver's local Board of Health. The Board is an active advisor to the five divisions of Denver's Department of Environmental Health.

How to Appeal an Administrative Citation

Have you received an Administrative Citation from Animal Control, Noise Control, or Public Health Inspections?
Do you feel that you received this citation in error? You are able to appeal an Administrative Citation by simply following these rules:

                      How to Appeal an Administrative Citation

Published Rules and Regulations

Rules Governing Administrative Citations

Division of Animal Care and Control
Governing Establishment of Animal Service Fees (including pet licensing, spay/neuter clinic and additional services)
Food Producing Animals
Division of Public Health Inspection

Rules and Regulations Governing Pools 

Ambulances - Emergency Medical Vehicles

Denver Emergency Medical Vehicle Regulations 

Assisted Living - Home Care

Denver Personal Care Boarding Home Regulations 

Child Care

Rules And Regulations Governing The Health And Sanitation Of Child Care Facilities 

Child Care Center Rules 

Family Child Care Home Rules 

School Age Center Rules 

Child Care General Rules 

Disease Transmission

Rules and Regulations To Minimize the Transmission of HIV and STD's In Certain Establishments 


 Denver Retail Food Regulation (Updated to web page on February 2, 2009)


Residential Housing Regulations 

Housing Code-Ordinance 

Swimming Pools

Denver Swimming Pool Regulations 

Tattooing and Body Piercing

Denver Body Art Regulation 

Denver Body Art Ordinance

Division of Community Health and Decision Support