New Fiscal Accountability Rule - Time and Attendance!

In December of 2012, the Auditor’s Office issued a performance audit reporting that reflects that the majority of employees do not approve their timecards: 

Employees Not Approving Timecards by Paid Grade





Supervisors of Non-Exempt


Supervisors of Exempt


It is important that you review and approve your timecard each pay period. Approving your timecard is key in ensuring that you are paid accurately. Fiscal Accountability Rule 10.13 - Time and Attendance has been adopted along with a Time and Attendance Procedure to guide you through your responsibilities related to your timecard. Both documents can be found under Chapter 10 of the Fiscal Accountability Rule web page. 

After reading Fiscal Accountability Rule 10.13 and the Time and Attendance Procedure, contact your supervisor with any questions. Supervisors and employees may also contact the Controller’s Office, Payroll Division in regards to this procedure and associated Fiscal Accountability Rule.

Posted on March 27, 2013 (Archive on May 26, 2013)
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