Traffic signals in Denver about to get flashier
Some traffic signals in Denver are soon to be flashier! Beginning today, Denver Public Works Traffic Engineering Services will begin introducing flashing yellow arrow left-turn signal lights at seven intersections throughout Denver. The flashing yellow arrow is part of a new signal display system that can be customized based on traffic volume to maximize the number of turns allowed in each cycle and to help alleviate congestion. This feature is especially helpful during rush hour.

The new signals are designed with four lenses; solid red arrow, flashing yellow arrow, solid yellow arrow and a solid green arrow. Each lens serves a different purpose:

• Green Arrow – Drivers have the right-of-way to turn left
• Yellow Flashing Arrow – Drivers yield to opposing traffic, but are allowed to proceed when the intersection is clear of approaching vehicles, pedestrians, and bicycles. 
• Yellow Solid Arrow – Drivers should not enter the intersection if they can safely stop
• Red Arrow – Drivers are required by law to stop 

Flashing yellow arrows have been approved by the Federal Highway Administration and are being used throughout Colorado and the nation. Flashing yellow arrow signals are meant to provide additional left turning options and decrease the number of accidents when drivers are turning left across traffic. Installation of flashing yellow arrows also allows signal timing to be adjusted throughout the day based on traffic volume. 

The first intersections to receive the flashing yellow arrow modifications will be:
• Speer & Wewatta 
• Dartmouth & Sheridan
• Tower & Green Valley Ranch
• Hampden & Tamarac 
• Central Park Blvd. & I-70
• Federal & I-70
• Green Valley Ranch & Pena 

Installation of the new signals will begin on Wednesday, March 13. Work in all seven intersections is expected to be complete by Spring 2013. After installation, Traffic Engineering Services will monitor these intersections and then decide if flashing yellow arrows should be installed in other intersections around town.

Posted on March 13, 2013 (Archive on May 12, 2013)
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