Heads up: School is back in session!

New teachers, new friends, new clothes and books… it is back to school season in Denver! Denver Public Works reminds drivers be aware of parking restrictions, such as street sweeping and bus lanes, and increased pedestrian traffic around schools during the upcoming school year.

 Street Sweeping:

Street sweeping is a critical part of keeping our community clean and green; Street sweeping prevents pollutants and debris from ending up in Denver’s rivers and air. Public Works sweeps city streets to satisfy state and federal requirements for air and water quality.

Parents and caretakers can show their pride in the Mile High City by following the posted street sweeping restrictions when dropping off children and/or attending school meetings and events. Many schools are located in residential street sweeping areas, and red and white signs posted on the street list parking restrictions (not every block has restrictions, only those with this signage). Residential street sweeping restrictions are in effect one day per month from April 1 through November 30, 2013. Sign up for a free street sweeping reminder at www.keepitcleandenver.com

Bus Lanes:

Bus lane parking restrictions are clearly important to the safety of the children boarding and exiting the buses. Bus lanes are meant for bus use only in order to decrease traffic congestion around schools, keeping the buses, and therefore the children and parents, on time and on schedule.

Increased Pedestrian Traffic:

Back to School season means more students will be walking to and around schools. Drivers should pay extra attention to potential pedestrian routes and school zones during their commute. Drivers and pedestrians should also keep their Heads Up – we are all responsible for keeping one another safe on Denver roadways.  

 Pedestrians should always follow these tips when walking in Denver:

  • Always cross the street at an intersection.
  • Obey the “walk/don’t walk” pedestrian signals – do not enter the cross walk once the hand begins flashing.
  • Use the “push to walk” button when available.
  • Always stay alert – don’t be a distracted walker.
  • Never assume vehicles see you! Look both ways before cross the street.


If you’ve received a parking citation:

You may pay by phone at 1-866-280-9988, pay online at www.denverpvb.com, or pay in person at the Webb Building at 201 W. Colfax Ave., Denver, CO 80202 at the Parking Cashier Counter.

If you would like to contest a parking citation, please visit the Parking Magistrate, located in the Webb Building, between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday (the Magistrate is closed on all City of Denver holidays). For more information on the process, call the Parking Violations Bureau hotline at 1-866-280-9988 or email the Parking Violations Bureau at denver.pvb.gr-sls@acs-inc.com.

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