Denver DA Advisory: Auto Dent Repair Scam
Watch out for the weather in Denver this time of year. It brings out the best . . . but also the crooks. Last week, a victim was taken in an auto dent-repair scam that took place in a parking lot in Denver. Approached by a so-called dent repairman from On the Spot Body Shop, the victim agreed to have the dents on his car repaired ‘right on site’ for a nominal fee. According to the victim, the repairman drilled holes on the inside of his truck, covered the dents with green putty, and then informed the victim that the finish work would have to be done at his shop. Having paid the repairman $150.00 in cash, the victim was given a telephone number to schedule an appointment. Soon after the repairman left, the victim discovered that the phone number was bogus, as is the company - On the Spot Body Shop.

This is not an isolated incident. Crooks associated with this scam work as a group and have operated in Denver and in the surrounding community in the past. Sometimes they follow the victim home. Once they know where the victim lives, they may return, posing as a “property inspector“, or some other ‘authority’ to try to gain entry into the home. These crooks may work in pairs; one distracts the resident, while the other burglarizes the home.

Beware of:
  • Any contractor or person who solicits in a parking lot, especially offering a deal that sounds too good to be true! Legitimate businesses usually operate out a physical location. Customers should always question businesses or sales reps who pressure them into making a quick decision.
  • Newer model trucks or vehicles that have magnetic (removable) business signs on the side panels, as opposed to business name, logo and contact information that is painted on the vehicle itself. Note: many “fly-by-night” operations, such as phony home improvement contractors are also known to use magnetic business signs on their trucks.
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Individuals who suspect an auto dent-repair scam should contact the Denver DA Fraud line at (720) 913-9179.

Posted on May 17, 2013 (Archive on July 16, 2013)
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