Denver Police district and precinct boundaries change on Sunday, July 14th

The Denver Police Department will be changing their district and precinct boundaries on Sunday July 14th.

The main goals of this effort are to:

  1. Balance workload and staffing
  2. Reduce the number of precincts and make them larger. Redesign precincts based on number of hours spent on 911 calls, crime types, workload, geographic issues and neighborhood integrity.
  3. The new precincts will have more officers assigned to them which will lead to better police service, and allow for officer flexibility to address emerging issues, and more time to focus on crime prevention.

The changeover will be virtually seamless, so the public should not notice any adverse impact to their calls for service. The new maps will be available online for public viewing on Sunday July 14, 2013 as soon as the changes take effect.

Posted on July 11, 2013 (Archive on October 14, 2013)
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