Mayor Hancock Thanks Residents for Phenomenal First Annual Denver Days

DENVER – Mayor Michael B. Hancock today thanked the thousands of Denver residents who turned out for the first annual Denver Days to celebrate the Mile High City’s heritage and history.

The Mayor and Denver City Council worked together to establish the new citywide tradition called Denver Days, aimed at creating stronger neighborhoods by fostering community service projects and neighborhood gatherings. This year, Denver neighborhoods and neighbors successfully hosted 147 events throughout the city spanning from August 3 through the 11.

“Denver’s culture and our heritage should be celebrated every year,” Mayor Hancock said. “We honor ourselves and our Denver Spirit by remembering those who made our today and our global tomorrow possible. I am so inspired by the collaboration and camaraderie we saw throughout every corner of this city. I look forward to working with our entire community to make next year’s bigger and better.”

Mayor Hancock proposed designating the first Saturday of every August as “Denver Day.” This day will now signify the first day of a week long celebration that encourages neighborhoods to plan social events or service projects to honor Denver’s Spirit of collaboration and determination.

City Council approved an
ordinance designating “Denver Day” in mid-July 2013, and each City Council member worked within their respective districts to encourage residents, organizations and others to sign up for and host an official Denver Days event.

“Denver Days is a wonderful way to celebrate our beloved city,” City Council President Mary Beth Susman. “We embraced it enthusiastically in its inaugural week and look forward to more happy celebrations in the coming years.”

City departments also supported Denver Days by making the planning process for events and projects easy and affordable. Toolkits for various events were provided to help organizers maneuver the process.

“Denver Days gave me and my family an opportunity to meet the neighbors on my block,” said Highland resident Erica Carlson. “It was the first time I had ever thrown a block party and from the permitting process to the sponsored barricades, the city made it as easy and accessible as possible to help me bring together my neighbors.  We look forward to carrying on the Denver Days summer tradition year after year.”

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