Mayor Hancock, Senator Bennet and DA Morrissey Proclaim Today “Rose A. Andom Day”
DENVER – Mayor Michael B. Hancock, U.S. Senator Michael Bennet and Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey today proclaimed Oct. 31 as “Rose A. Andom Day” in honor of a local champion for victims of domestic violence. This day marks the closing of Domestic Violence Awareness Month and recognizes Rose Andom’s partnership with the City and County of Denver in opening a center that will provide a wide variety of services that domestic violence victims deserve.

The Rose Andom Center will support victims of domestic violence by combining community and government resources in a single, safe location.

“Ms. Andom brings a face to the courageous victims of domestic violence, and is a model of strength and perseverance. She knows, like Michael, Mitch and I know, that we must become a city that will not tolerate domestic violence,” Mayor Hancock said. “The Rose Andom Center realizes our vision of providing a collaborative facility where victims can access comprehensive services in their journey to find safety from abuse. It is our hope that the center will encourage victims to seek help and break the cycle of violence.”

The city, in coordination with several non-profit partners, expect to develop the center by summer 2014,  allocation in close proximity to courts and police facilities, as well as to transit.

“Denver’s long and successful history of providing a coordinated response to domestic violence has now culminated in the creation of the Rose Andom Center,” District Attorney Morrissey said. “This central location is ideally situated for coordinated services initially involving 25 distinct agencies, including resource providers from both community-based organizations and the criminal justice system.”

The Rose Andom Center will be the Rocky Mountain region’s first large-scale center for domestic violence victims. As a public /private collaboration, the center will serve an anticipated 3,000 victims per year in a warm, welcoming and safe environment that will work to empower victims to make the best decisions for their families.

“The Rose Andom Center represents an innovative public-private approach to supporting victims of domestic violence,” Sen. Bennet said. “By offering a one-stop shop where survivors can access everything from counseling to legal services to employment assistance, the center will help thousands of survivors get back on their feet and on with their lives.”

The onsite services will provide assistance for the wide range of issues victims face in escaping abuse, including:
  • Crisis intervention, safety planning and advocacy;
  • Assistance with the legal process;
  • Assistance in filing for public benefits, including TANF, Medicaid and food stamps;
  • Assistance with work search;
  • Services for employers;
  • Child counseling and support, including play therapy and assessment of trauma;
  • Disabled support;
  • Immigrant support;
  • Medical services, including forensic exams and documentation of abuse related injuries, and treatment of non-acute injuries;
  • Assistance with access to emergency shelter as well as help finding longer term housing options; and
  • Expedited access to emergency sheltering for victim’s pets.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the Rose Andom Center.

Posted on Oct 31, 2013 (Archive on Nov 30, 2013)
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