Mayor Hancock Waives Credit Card Transaction Fees

DENVER – The City and County of Denver is waiving transaction fees for paying by credit or debit card in an effort to encourage residents and businesses to pay their taxes, fees, bills and fines online.  This new initiative, part of Mayor Michael B. Hancock’s 2014 budget, will save Denver residents and businesses an estimated $2 million a year.

Waiving credit card transaction fees is a first-of-its-kind effort for Denver. Online payment is often a more convenient way to do business with the city while also being less costly for the city to process compared with an in-person or mail-in check transaction.

“I made a commitment to the residents of Denver to deliver the highest quality services at the lowest possible cost,” Mayor Hancock said. “Removing these unnecessary penalties will help to incentivize residents and businesses to pay online. It saves you money, it saves us time, it’s just smart business.”

As of Jan. 1, fees for paying taxes (including property, sales, use, lodgers, occupational privilege, Facilities Development Admission and Telecommunications Business taxes) online with a credit or debit card have been eliminated. Transaction fees charged by the state for motor vehicle registration and by third party processing firms for parking, photo radar and red-light violations will continue to be assessed, with the goal to waive these by 2015.

“We are focused on the customer – the people of Denver,” said Cary Kennedy, Denver’s Chief Financial Officer.  “
We are working every day to make doing business with the city easier, faster and more convenient.”

Eliminating transaction fees is one part of Mayor Hancock’s overall effort to create a smarter and more customer-friendly city government. That effort includes the
eBiz Tax Center, a one-stop online portal for residents and business to pay city taxes, fees and fines. The initiative not only makes paying online faster and more convenient for Denver residents but will also save on postage and help the environment by reducing paper and waste costs.

To pay sales, use, lodger’s, OPT, FDA, or TBT taxes
online with a credit or debit card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover), users should go to and then click the “Go” button below “Business Tax Information.” Once on the Business Tax Page, visitors to the site will see several payment options on the right side. They can then pay with a credit or debit card, or with an e-check. For visitors already registered to file and pay taxes online, nothing has changed.

To pay property taxes
online with a credit or debit card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover), users should go to and then click the “Go” button below “Property Tax.” Once on this page, in the lower left is “Payments & Due Dates” with a link to “Pay Property Tax.” On the next page visitors will follow the simple instruction for making payment.

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