Dear Peak Academy team:


In a meeting recently with the Office of Human Resources, we talked about Peak Performance and the Peak Academy creating a disruption in the work place.  It sounds a little dramatic…and maybe it is.  Disruption typically has a negative connotation.  However, in this case, disruption helps create movement and innovation. It is our role in the Peak Academy to show that disruption can actually translate to good, positive change that takes a little bit of adjustment and doesn’t have to be scary.

In the startup world, every investor or creative mind, asks “what disruption are you making in the market?” Or, “is this innovation even creating a disruption?” 

Think about your changes to a process.  Changes can create major disruptions and cause significant anxiety.  Because of that, it can be difficult to implement change. Ask yourself, “can we change our habits, can we deliver services faster, can we provide value to our customer, and can we make the city better, faster, stronger?” 

By removing waste in the process, we provide value.  And, we will notice a significant disruption.

How to lead innovation:http://www.iveybusinessjournal.com/topics/innovation/leading-disruptive-innovation#.UZZebqKR9Mg

June 2013

The following graphs depict the goals for the Denver Peak Academy.  Goals for 2013 include identifying $10,000,000 in efficiency opportunities, training 180 Black Belts and 1,000 Green Belts—all of which add up to real change. Thank you for believing in our goals and having the courage to work together with us to achieve them.

Posted on Jun 21 2013 (Archive on Jul 21 2013)
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