Public Health Inspection Survery Results of Dog Allowances on Patios in Restaurants

The Public Health Inspections Division recently closed a survey collecting input from the public regarding allowances for customers accompanied by their pet dogs to regulated food facilities in Denver.  Section 8-106C of the Denver Food Establishment Regulations currently allows regulated facilities which meet certain eligibility requirements to register with the Division to allow dogs on their patio provided signage, sanitation, and other conditions are met by the business. 

We heard from over 500 respondents with the following results:

The Public Health Inspections Division is considering changes to the regulations and additional privileges based on this input.  In doing so, PHI will continue to protect the rights of consumers who want the option of dining without dogs present.  Draft changes will be available for public input and comment in the coming months.  ‘Like’ Denver Public Health Inspections on Facebook, check our website, or contact us at for updates. 

Posted on October 28, 2013 (Archive on November 28, 2013)
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