Denver to Expand Composting Program

Denver Public Works and Denver Environmental Health are excited to announce that the Denver Composts program is expanding service in 2014.  The agencies have worked in partnership to bring the much desired green composting carts to more than 2,500 new homes citywide.

The Denver Composts program allows Denver residents to collect organic material (food, non-recyclable paper and yard debris) for composting. Composting dramatically reduces the waste we send to the landfill and - in so doing - prevents greenhouse gas emissions. Composting also produces a valuable product that makes our soil richer and more productive.

Residents enrolled in the program receive a large green compost cart (similar to the Denver Recycles purple cart) and a two-gallon kitchen pail. Composting is picked up once a week by Denver Recycles. The Denver Composts program is a fee-based service and residents living in areas that are eligible for the service have two options for payment:  A quarterly payment plan of $29.25 every three months, or a one-time payment of $107.00 for the entire year, payable in whole on or before February 15th (there is a discount for choosing the one-time payment option).

Residents eligible for composting will receive a postcard in the mail this week inviting them to sign up for the program. Residents can also check their eligibility to participate in the Denver Composts program by visiting or by calling 311 in Denver.

Compost collection is a key goal of Denver’s Solid Waste Management Plan, and one that has the potential to significantly reduce waste being sent to the landfill.  In fact, compostable organic material makes up more than 50 percent of what Denver residents throw away, so when coupled with recycling, a composting program will be critical to reducing waste disposed. 

The Denver Composts pilot program has been operating for almost five years with 2,200 participants.  Denver Recycles wishes to thank the residents who have loyally paid for and participated in the program since its inception.  Without their willingness to pay for the service, share it with their friends and neighbors, and make the program visible, this expansion may not have been possible.  

Denver Recycles is a program of Denver Public Works Solid Waste Management.  It provides recycling collection services to residents of the City and County of Denver who live in single family homes and multi-family buildings of seven or fewer units. 

For more information on this exciting program, visit or call 311.

Posted on December 10, 2013 (Archive on February 08, 2014)
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