Holiday Hazards



  • Poinsettias are extremely poisonous to cats and dogs. Precautions should be taken to move poinsettias so that animals cannot chew on the leaves.
  • Christmas trees should be secure so that cats and dogs cannot pull them down.
  • Tinsel and ribbons can be fatal to a dog, cat, or bird if swallowed.
  • Be cautious with holiday lights, they can also be fatal if a dog, cat or bird chews through the wires and it can also be a fire hazard for your home.
  • Make sure your fragile ornaments are out of reach of a curious cat or dog that might be attracted to the shinny surface or sparkles and try to bat it off the tree.
  • Don’t use popcorn for decorations. Dogs, cats, and birds can choke on popcorn.
  • If you are using a live tree, make sure that the preservative in the water is not poisonous to your pet. Many times, pets will mistake this water for drinking water.
  • Be sure that your animal is properly "potty-trained" or they might use the tree as a watering post.
  • Don’t feed you pets rich holiday foods. Don’t give your pet leftover turkey bones or other table scraps and don’t feed your animals candy, nuts, or chocolate which can be fatal.