Open Records Policy

The policy stated below only applies to open records requests related to the City Council.  For all other requests contact the agency relevant to your request. 

The Denver City Council charges for copies and professional time utilized to respond to requests for information per the Colorado Open Records Act. Staff time per CRS 24-72-205(3) will be charged at $25.00/ hour and copies are charged at $.25/ page per CRS 24-702-205 (5)(a). If the information requested is voluminous, information may be transferred to an electronic disk which will be available for $15.00, plus staff preparation time.

Requests for information must include the following:

  1. Subject matter to be searched in as descriptive terms as possible
  2. Dates of search
  3. Types of documents to be searched (email, written documents, reports etc.)

Time required searching, retrieving, redacting and compiling information is charged to the requestor at $25/hr. When City Council receives an Open Records request, the City Council Staff Director estimates the time it will take to compile the records. The estimate is provided to the requestor before work is performed to determine if the search is still needed. Upon response from the requestor, City Council has 72 hours to respond to such request or more if time is needed per CRS statute.  Please send all open records requests to the City Council Executive Director at  For more information about City Council's open records policy, please call 720.337.2001.