Annual Budget Presentations

Annual Budget Presentations

Today, September 24, 2013, began City Council’s review of the Mayor’s 2014 Proposed Budget with the first session of budget hearings.  These hearings involve an overview of the City’s budget situation from the City’s Chief Financial Officer, Carey Kennedy and the City’s Budget Director, Brendan Hanlon, as well as presentations from City agency heads about their proposed funding needs and priorities for 2014.  These presentations offer the opportunity for Councilmembers to question/comment on individual agency budgets as well as ask the agencies how the City Council 2014 Budget Goal Priorities are addressed.   For a complete schedule of the budget hearings view the City Council Meeting Schedule.

Links to the power point presentations and archived video of the meetings/discussion will soon be uploaded to the Meeting Calendar on City Council’s website.  Until then use the links below to view the individual agency power point presentations, or click here to watch the videos.  For more information contact Legislative Services at or 720.337.2000.

2014 Budget Overview

Public Works

Community Planning and Development

Human Services

Denver Public Library

Technology Services

General Services

Finance Department

Arts & Venues

Mayor’s Office

City Council

Department of Safety 

Denver Parks and Recreation
District Attorney 

Office of Human Resources

Clerk and Recorder

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