Cultivating Communities Spotlight: Steve and Dee Perez

Cultivating Communities Spotlight: Steve and Dee Perez

Residents of NW Denver for forty years and dedicated volunteers serving Denver’s homeless population for the past eleven years, Steve and Dee Perez are an example of what it means to give back.

Steve and Dee volunteer up to 20-25 hours some weeks with the Saint Elizabeth of Hungary Church, a congregation that offers lunch to all who need it 364 days per year on the Auraria Campus.  Steve explained that the only day they are not serving is Thanksgiving, and that is because there are so many other options for folks on that day.

When asked how they became involved, Steve simply said that they “saw the need and identified with the people.”  He explained that both he and Dee grew up enduring the struggles of poverty and Steve, in his youth, experienced a brief period of homelessness and so they understand the hard times people can go through.  Understanding the spectrum of challenges that result in homelessness, Steve has a kind and straight forward way of looking at his volunteer work.  In talking about the people he serves he pointed out “regardless of what their problems are, they need to eat.” 

The Saint Elizabeth of Hungary Church serves lunch to up to several hundred people each day and also provide donations of clothing and other items when they are available.  If you would like to become involved, please email Steve or Dee Perez at

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