Redevelopment of St. Anthony’s Hospital at Sloan’s Lake

Redevelopment of St. Anthony’s Hospital at Sloan’s Lake

The former St. Anthony’s Hospital, a 19 acre site undergoing demolition by EFG Partners in preparation for sale to vertical developers, will become a mixed-use, heavily residential community.  A parking garage, former nurses’ residence, and a historic chapel will be preserved and repurposed.  In August, Council approved the creation of Metropolitan Districts to help fund necessary infrastructure for the site including reintroduction of the street grid and utilities as well as enhanced and environmentally sustainable green spaces, streetscapes, and plazas.  Council also created an Urban Renewal Area that could be used to collect TIF funds for redevelopment of retail and commercial services along Colfax. 

More information and public meetings:

West Colfax Business Improvement District

West Colfax Association of Neighbors (WeCAN)

Councilwoman Susan Shepherd

Active Discussions: 

1)      A General Development Plan outlining some basic forms and infrastructure for the site is under development and must be approved by Community Planning and Development.   

2)      Plans for the former St. Anthony’s site and the general West Colfax neighborhood acknowledge the need for more residential homes in the area to spur and support neighborhood-serving retail and services along the West Colfax corridor.  As part of the planning for the site, EFG is researching and exploring how best to meet the critical mass of housing required to support these amenities, and has committed to gradual transitions from existing nearby homes to help integrate the new community with the existing one.

3)      While an Urban Renewal Area was created, no specific project was given approval for use of TIF, so Council approval would be required before any TIF investments could be made.  At the time the Urban Renewal Area was created, Council comments and public testimony provided a strong emphasis on the importance of ensuring mixed-income housing was built in the redevelopment area in keeping with adopted plans, both to maintain the diversity so cherished in the area as prices rise following redevelopment, and to provide new more attractive housing as existing affordable housing in the area ages and becomes less sustainable. Affordable housing is also mentioned in the principles adopted for the site by the developer and described during the public hearing as a goal they are working toward.

4)      Before the hospital left the site, residents expressed a strong desire to maintain primary health care services in the neighborhood, health was incorporated into the adopted plans as a major focus, and St. Anthony’s hospital made public comments expressing a strong desire to help meet those desires in some undefined way.  Although no specific plans have been released, discussions continue on how to incorporate health care services in the redevelopment area.


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