Affordable, Quality Child Care Available for Denver Families

Affordable, Quality Child Care Available for Denver Families

Thanks to the passage of Measure 2A, the Denver Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) will be able to provide child care for more low-income working families in Denver, as well as help child care providers improve the quality of care they are able to provide to those families. Denver received $2.5 million in funding this year to help more families afford quality child care. The dollars make it possible for families with newborns to children age 13 and special needs youth up to age 18 to afford child care, while parents work, attend school or look for a job.

“Thanks to the Denver voters, we are able to better serve the needs of hundreds of additional families, helping them pay for child care so they can work, job hunt or go to school,” Mayor Hancock said. “These are critical services the city has pledged to restore as a result of the passage of Measure 2A. Together, we are delivering a smart, 21st century city that is built on a solid financial foundation with good jobs, healthy children, accessible libraries and safe streets.”  

The program is helping Juanita Alamos, a single mother of three elementary school age children. “CCAP has helped me in a great, great way. The amount the program has provided me has motivated me to go to school, look for a job and keep working….without it I wouldn’t be where I am today; able to work.” Alamos is an administrative assistant in the construction industry and is not able to pick up her children immediately after school. The program helps pay for after school care for her 11 year-old, 9 year-old and 6 year-old, so they are not left unattended and Alamos can finish her work day. 

One way Denver CCAP is increasing accessibility to the community is by boosting income eligibility guidelines to ensure more families from across the city can access the program.  Essentially, a family of four that makes $51,800 or less a year may qualify for the program.   

“The program helps parents maintain self-sufficiency, while giving children a chance to access quality child care,” Denver Human Services Manager Penny May said. “This program helps families afford child care throughout the year, whether it’s full-time care, after school care or summer time care.”

Additionally, the program no longer has a waitlist to receive services. For two years, many families in Denver were put on a waitlist to access CCAP benefits.  Families that qualify can now access CCAP benefits without waiting.

Denver CCAP providers are also working to improve the services they offer through a 10% reimbursement rate increase.  The increase is expected to help child care providers improve the quality of care. “Providing care for children is extremely expensive,” Dora Sandness, Warren Village Learning Center Child Care Subsidy Advocate said. “We care for 120 children ranging in age from 6 weeks to 10 years-old and approximately 80 percent of the kids are supported by CCAP. The boost will help us cover our expenses…every little bit helps.” 

“I wouldn’t have been able to achieve as much without CCAP. It’s nice to be able to work and know the program is helping me afford a daycare where my children can go and be safe,” Alamos said. “CCAP really does help parents move ahead in life.”

To apply for CCAP in Denver County, please visit or call 720-944-KIDS(5437).

Posted on Mar 18 2013 (Archive on May 17 2013)
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