Caring Grown-ups Help Kids Thrive

Caring Grown-ups Help Kids Thrive

Nonprofits, businesses, government agencies and dozens of organizations throughout Colorado are partnering to raise awareness to Help Kids Thrive in observation of Child Abuse Prevention Month this April.  

Blue ribbons and pinwheel gardens will be on display throughout the state to signify the importance of keeping families stable, helping kids thrive and upholding a strong community.

“We encourage everyone who cares about kids to join our effort to help kids thrive,” Penny May, Denver Human Services Executive Director said. “Pinwheel gardens and blue ribbons symbolize our community’s commitment of caring about children.”

There are five simple ways grown-ups can help kids thrive.

The first is to be a bounce back family.  Since challenging times impact every family, it’s important to remember that stressful situation will arise. During these times, keeping a sense of hope and a positive attitude will help families turn things around.

Next is to become a parenting ace. Taking time to learn what is age appropriate and how to set realistic expectations gives grown-ups tools to cope positively in various situations. 

Third is helping children to express themselves. Grown-ups can help children develop emotionally, which enables a child to identify their feelings, clearly communicate, problem solve and socially interact.

Perhaps the most important is for parents to surround themselves with a strong support network of family and friends.  Family and friends provide parents with breaks, support and advice. A good network prevents parents from becoming isolated.  

Finally, turn to teachers, day care professionals, doctors or other child care professionals for advice during times of need.  

As groups embark on Child Abuse Prevention month, every person is encouraged to reach out and support one another.  

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