The Center for Peacemaking Awarded DSS Technical Assistance

The Center for Peacemaking Awarded DSS Technical Assistance

On March 12th, the Conflict Center, Project Pave, and The Colorado Anti-Violence Project were selected for the 2014 Denver Shared Spaces Technical Assistance program. Over the next calendar year these three organizations will work with selected consultants to optimize their space, working relationships, and maximize their potential in an effort to achieve better fulfillment of their prospective and collective missions.

Ron Ludwig, The Conflict Center Executive Director, explained that the cohort is excited to engage with Denver Shared Spaces and outside consultants to get a fresh perspective on ways that their organizations can better leverage resources, space, and relationships to maximize mission fulfillment and expansion. The mission of the group is to reduce physical, verbal, and emotional violence that occurs in our communities.

Ron further described that by sharing space and building a sense of community in the building, the organizations can learn from one another and use that shared knowledge to better inform the work that they do. Ron is looking forward to leveraging the knowledge, skills, and resources that exist within these organizations to do meaningful and high-impact work within the community.

Stay tuned to for cohort updates throughout the year.

Posted on May 06 2014 (Archive on Jun 05 2014)
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