Heads Up: 15th Street Bikeway Alert

Heads Up: 15th Street Bikeway Alert

One week ago today, City officials and dedicated partners opened a new left-side bike lane on 15th Street between Cleveland Place and Larimer Street. The new bikeway organizes all modes of traffic along the corridor, with bicyclists using the left lane, motorists in the middle lanes, and buses and motorists on the right.

The installation of the bikeway represents a significant investment by the City of Denver and is proof positive of our continued commitment to creating a multi-modal environment in the Mile High City. And we need your help to keep the bikeway safe and clear.

Motorists, please do not stop or park in the bikeway. The only time that motor vehicles are allowed in the bikeway is to merge into bike traffic at the designated mixing zones in order to turn left and to cross the bikeway (note: bicyclists have the right of way) to access a driveway. When motor vehicles stop in the bikeway, they are stopping in a travel lane and forcing bicyclists into traffic, creating a significant safety hazard.

We responded to the community desire for more bike facilities, and now we need your help in order to keep the bikeway safe and clear. We understand that the bikeway is a new concept for drivers and bicyclists alike, and it will take some time to adjust to its presence. Please heed this reminder and never stop, park or unload a motor vehicle in the bikeway for any reason – show your pride in Denver and please be respectful of others.

Two lit variable message signs will be displayed along the 15th Street Bikeway reminding motorists not to stop in the bikeway. Thank you for your cooperation and for keeping Denver safe for users of all modes!

For more information on the 15th Street Bikeway, please visit denvergov.org/bikeprogram.

Posted on September 06, 2013 (Archive on October 05, 2013)
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