Denver installs City’s first ‘Quick’ Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles

Denver installs City’s first ‘Quick’ Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles

DENVER, CO ­— April 8, 2014 — Denver Public Works and Denver Environmental Health are proud to announce the installation of Denver’s first publicly accessible Level 3, or DC Quick, charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs). The new quick charging stations, located at the Cultural Center Complex garage and the Denver Performing Arts Center parking garage, charge electric vehicles using the CHAdeMO quick charging connector which provides the opportunity for on-the-go rapid charging. Typical quick charging times range between 20 and 30 minutes to top-off a battery while Level 2 chargers can take several hours. 

“Denver is excited to enhance our transportation network by offering these new quick chargers to the public,” said Mayor Michael B. Hancock.  “Boosting the area’s charging opportunities increases mobility options, promotes the use of alternative fuel sources, and demonstrates our dedication to creating a more livable city.”

As electric vehicle use in Denver increases, the City is committed to installing infrastructure to support clean energy vehicles.  In addition to these new Level 3 quick charging stations, the City of Denver also offers Level 2 electric vehicle charging stations at eight locations in Downtown Denver and Cherry Creek.  All charging stations are currently free to use with paid garage or parking lot admission.

The new electric vehicle charging stations are funded by Denver Public Works, Denver Environmental Health, and the Regional Air Quality Council.

City and County of Denver Electric Vehicle Charging Station Locations:

Parking Garage or Lot


Charging Type

Denver Performing Arts Center Garage

1055 13th Street

One Level 3 quick charger
Two Level 2 units

Cultural Center Complex Garage

65 W. 12th Avenue

One Level 3 quick charger
Two Level 2 units

Colorado Convention Center Garage

1104 Champa Street

One Level 2 unit

Bannock Parking Lot

1345 Bannock Street

One Level 2 unit

Firehouse Parking Lot

1322 Blake Street

One Level 2 unit

Denver Justice Center Municipal Garage

490 W. 14th Avenue

One Level 2 unit

Acme Parking Lot

1430 14th Street

One Level 2 unit

Ross-Cherry Creek Branch Library Lot

305 Milwaukee Street

One Level 2 unit

For a complete list of all charging stations in Denver and nationwide, visit

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