Adult Day Services

Mayor's Office of Employee Assistance
Adult Day Services

Adult day services provide activities, social interaction and a supportive atmosphere for seniors and disabled adults. As a caregiver, you might use a day care center for respite from your caregiving duties, and you may also use one as a place to take your elderly or disabled relative while you are at work.

People Who Benefit from Adult Day Services

  • Those with physical or mental disabilities

  • People who are isolated from society

  • People who need personal care assistance

  • People who need assistance for daily living, but have a caregiver or other home care provided during the evenings and weekends

  • Services Available

    Adult day services generally provide some combination of the following:

  • Social activities

  • Mental stimulation

  • Assistance with toileting, medications, walking and eating

  • Group therapy

  • Weight, blood pressure and food/ liquid intake monitoring

  • Meals and snacks

  • Exercise

  • Research

    When deciding on an adult day program, find out as much as you can about each center and what it has to offer. Make up a list of questions, and visit all of the centers with your care recipient. Look for what makes him or her most comfortable and happy.

    Here are some questions to consider as you compare day cares:

  • When is the center open?

  • What are the center’s fees?

  • How are the fees billed?

  • Is there financial aid available?

  • Is it licensed?

  • Have there been any complaints filed against the center with the State Health Department?

  • What kinds of programs and activities does the center provide?

  • Is transportation provided?

  • What medical conditions are the staff trained to handle?

  • What is the ratio of staff to participants?

  • What kinds of meals and snacks are provided?

  • Is the center clean, tidy and safe?

  • What is the overall atmosphere at the center?

  • Adjusting

    Adjusting to the day care center may take some time for your care recipient. This is, after all, a completely new situation—new people, new activities, new ideas. Allow your loved one time to get used to the center before deciding whether it is a good idea; this transition period may even take several weeks. If he or she still does not like the center after a few weeks, consider finding another program that might be more agreeable.

    Adult day services provide a break for caregivers, and expose care recipients to new people and new activities.