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Workplace Mediation is a valuable, free resource designed to assist employees with workplace disputes and to ensure conflicts are resolved without costly and exhausive legal action.
Open Door Policy
Before taking steps to undergo mediation, employees are encouraged to informally discuss work-related issues with their immediate supervisors. To learn more about the Open Door Policy, read Dispute Resolution Rule 18.
Mediation is About...
If any employee or supervisor/manager has a work-related issue that was not resolved through the open door process, mediation may be requested. Mediation is a free, efficient, and effective means to resolve all sorts of workplace and personality conflictstaking only a few hours of your time to create a more comfortable work environment.
          • Practical and balanced resolutions to conflicts with co-workers and/or supervisors
          • Fair and impartial professional mediators
          • Open and honest communication
          • Voluntary participation
          • Confidential process 
How it Works...
  • When a conflict arises, you and your co-worker, supervisor or manager may submit a request for mediation to help resolve the dispute. 
  • All parties involved are contacted to ensure that everyone is in favor of pursuing mediation to resolve the dispute.
  • A request is then submitted by calling (720) 913-5719 or
  • Parties will meet as a group with the appointed mediator who will assist in ensuring that the lines of communication are open, that all conflict is understood by everyone involved, and then work toward an acceptable solution. Mediators appointed to your case will be from outside your department to ensure impartiality. 
We’re committed to making Denver a better place to work. Contact us today at (720) 913-5719 or, or download the request for mediation.

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Workplace Mediation