View Payslips

View a sample paycheck with explanations of each category. Employees with access to the City network can view payslips online through the following steps:  
  1. Go to the DOT homepage and sign in
  2. On the "My Page" tab, select "My Payroll" in the Self Service Center
  3. Select "View Payslip"

For step by step instructions, with screen shots, please read How to access my pay stub using DOT

If you do not have access to the City network, your pay slip or pay check will be mailed to your current mailing address.

Did You Know... 
  • Paychecks are visible as soon as they are confirmed (usually Tuesday evening before pay day), but the funds will not be  deposited to your direct deposit account(s) until pay day.

  • ePay is only accessible if you are logged in to the city network or via VPN. If you do not have access to the city network, you will be mailed a hard copy pay stub; therefore, it is important to keep your home mailing address up-to-date.

Direct Deposit

Don't like waiting for your check in the mail? Learn more about direct deposit and how to sign up!