Controller's Office, Payroll Division
Controller's Office, Payroll Division
 Leave and Time Off
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CS Rule 10 provides guidelines and policies for administering time off through the City’s leave programs.

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How many accruals do I earn each month?

Please visit CS Paid Leave page for monthly accrual hours and bank maximums.

When do my accruals post?

Vacation/sick and PTO accrual hours post on the first of the month following the month they were accrued. In example, the accruals that you earn in January will post on February 1st.  Personal Holiday accrual posts each year on January 1st.  

My employment anniversary is coming up, who should I notify that I will be earning additional accruals?

You do not need to notify anyone of your upcoming raise in accrual hours. Your accrual rate will automatically adjust according to your hire date.

How do I donate leave to a fellow employee?

For complete rules on donating sick leave please refer to CS Rule 10. Speak with the Office of Human Resources to check if you may donate sick to a fellow employee, also please visit our Donated Sick page.   

How do I convert sick time to vacation time?

For complete rules on converting sick time to vacation time please refer to CS Rule 10. Please view the two step process to use sick to vacation.

In what increments may I take vacation/sick or PTO, and my personal holiday?

Though you are able to take any increment of vacation, sick, PTO or personal holiday time as you wish, the City calculates hours worked in increments of 15 minutes [quarter hours]. When requesting time off, the smallest measurement is 15 minutes [a quarter hour].
What if I run out of available vacation, sick, PTO and personal holiday hours and need to take time off?
For complete rules on Leave Without Pay, please refer to CS Rule 11. Supervisors have access to two leave without pay codes to use at their discretion in accordance with the CS rules: 
  • Authorized Absence No Pay
  • Unauthorized Absence No Pay