Fitness Center Services

The Fitness Center offers the following services for members:

If you have questions about any of our services, call 720.913.5687.

Fitness Assessments

As a member of the Fitness Center, you may take advantage of the latest technology in fitness assessments with the Microfit Program.

Our Microfit Program assesses all of your fitness components;

    • body composition
    • blood pressure
    • resting heart rate
    • aerobic capacity
    • strength 
    • flexability 
Using the information from the assessment, our trainers can help you tailor your program to address the specific areas of your fitness that may need improvement. Get motivated by doing re-tests to see your progress and fitness performances improve.
  • Cost for a Microfit assessment is $30 for members

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Personal Training
The Wellness Center offers personal training for members Our trainers can help you design your exercise program to fit your specific needs and goals. Whether you're new to exercise, looking to change your routine or recovering from an injury, our trainers can help!
  • Cost for a 45-minute personal training session is $30  
  • Training sessions can include:
    • Equipment 101
    • Free Weights
    • Pilates/Yoga
    • Sport Conditioning
    • and more!

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Private Pilates and Yoga
Learn the proper techniques and get more out of Pilates and Yoga classes by having a one-on-one session with a certified instructor. Participants learn mental focus on movements, proper alignment and breath work throughout the practice which brings calmness of mind. Both Pilates and Yoga can provide benefits of flexibility, core strength and stress reduction.
  • Sessions cost $30
  • An appointment is necessary

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