Florida Outfall Project



 The Florida Avenue Outfall Project consisted of construction of a large box culvert up to 12' x 8', and large diameter reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) ranging in size from 12 inch to 108 inches. Approximately 250 feet of the 108" RCP was be installed under the existing railroad/light rail tracks using jack and bore methods. Discharge of the storm sewer will be into the existing Overland Lake, where a sedimentation basin was constructed to minimize water quality impacts.  A new 5' 
by 5' box culvert outfall was also constructed through the embankment off Platte River Drive to allow a controlled release into the South Platte River. Overland Lake is part of the City and County of Denver Golf Enterprise used for irrigation of Overland Golf Course and doubles as a golf driving range and miniature golf facility. This project also includes construction of approximately 300 feet of 30" and 36" RCP at the intersection of Iowa Avenue and Acoma Street. 

The first phase work included construction of the sedimentation basin, the new outfall to the Platte River, construction of the first 1800 feet of 12' x 8 ' concrete box culvert and 108 inch RCP to approximately 800 feet east of the Florida and Santa Fe Drive intersection. This construction began in the Fall to coincide with design and reconstruction of the Aqua Golf facility driving range. Excess excavation from the box culvert construction is proposed to be used for embankment for the Aqua Golf site and parking lot.
The second phase of the project will build the remaining outfall in Florida to Broadway, extending the outfall in Broadway from Iowa to Arizona Avenues, and building laterals in Arkansas and Iowa to pick up flows one block east of Broadway. Phase 2 will be constructed as part of the Broadway Street Reconstruction Project from Iowa to Arizona which is scheduled to start Spring of 2008.