The Department of General Services
is created by the City Charter and houses six diverse City agencies:  General Services Administration; Facilities Management; Central Services; Utilities; Purchasing; and Theatres and Arenas
Five General Services agencies provide internal services, serving City agencies and General Services' employees.
Theatres & Arenas is a division of the City & County of Denver's Department of General Services.  Theatres & Arenas oversees many of Denver's most sophisticated high-profile facilities.  For more information, please click here.

Manager of General Services

Welcome to The Department
of General Services
Adrienne Benavidez

The Department of General Services' mission is to provide quality and value-added supported services to all our customers, internal and external, which will result in improved levels of service and efficiency in Purchasing, Facilities Management, Central Services and Energy/Sustainability operations.

Sustainability & Environmental Stewardship

State of Colorado Environmental Leadership Program


General Services continues to lead the way for Sustainability and Environmental Stewardship.


Five City Facilities Have Qualified for the Energy Star


The facilities are as follows:

  • Richard T. Castro Building
  • Arie P. Taylor Building
  • Wellington E. Webb Municipal Office Building
  • Parks and Recreation Maintenance - Jason St.
  • Minoru Yasui Building

Congratulations GS Staff

General Services Employee of the Month Recipients


Recipients receive their acknowledgement at the respective quarterly all staff meetings.    2011 quarterly recipients include:

JANUARY - Joseph Saporito, Purchasing; FEBRUARY - Ivan Burchard, Facilities Management; MARCH - Ron Hall, Facilities Management; APRIL - Hyde Archuleta, Purchasing Division; MAY - Janine Valdez, Facilities Management; JUNE - Sharon Cordova; JULY - Tony Cariaga, Facilities Management; AUGUST - Curtis Subia, Purchasing Division; SEPTEMBER - Dave Ockers, Facilities Management; OCTOBER - Lindsey Dunn, Purchasing Division; NOVEMBER - Randy Hogue, Facilities Management; DECEMBER - Jeff Amundson, Purchasing division.


General Services 5281 Award Recipients

Congratulations to our 5281 Winners!

General Services received eight nominations this year for their successful implementation of environmental and sustainability initiatives.  One highlight - installing 576 new LED fixtures for the City's holiday lights which saves Denver $180,000 each year and supports environmental sustainability.  The team was instrumental in reducing adverse environmental impacts to air, land and water by converting from toxic to green cleaning products.  Their energy savings calculations have allowed the City to make better decisions about energy expeditures, and their own recommendation to change custodial shifts saved close to $250,000 annually through shift differential and utility reduction. 

Strategic Initiatives 2011 Year End Report