Report Graffiti for Free Removal

Reporting graffiti on your property:

  1. Report the graffiti to the police. Reporting the incident to the Denver Police Department helps them track graffiti incidents, which makes it easier to prevent graffiti in the future. Please click here to fill out an online police report or call the police non-emergency line at 720-913-2000.
  2. For removal, please submit a 311 Help Request
  3. Removal: We must have a signed Authorization Form to assist in removing graffiti from you rproperty.
    If you have not previously signed a release form (or if you are unsure), download one (available to the right) and return it by fax or mail before completing the online report form. 

To report graffiti on someone else’s private property:

Please provide the exact address(s).   The City will notify the responsible party and may assist in its removal. 

Enter the information as in the following example:

                Street Number              123
                Street Name                 Main St.
                Location of graffiti          On garage door in the alley

To report graffiti on public property (such as on traffic signs, poles, dumpsters):

Tell us the structure where graffiti is located – again, traffic signs, poles, private trash receptacles.

Tell us the location by identifying the cross streets.  Enter the information as in the following example: 

                Structure                           Stop Sign
                Location                            Southeast corner of First and Main St.

Authorization Forms

Download English Form
Download Spanish Form

Mail To:
Neighborhood Inspection Service
201 W. Colfax Ave, #303
Denver, CO 80202-5332