Health and Human Services

The Better Denver Program is improving some of the infrastructure that helps to make our City healthier by providing a vital "hand up" to those in need.

Many of Denver’s low-income child care facilities had outdated heating, plumbing, and electrical systems, several of these facilities have now been renovated and improved through Better Denver Bond funding.
Improvments are underway at several other Human Service facilities, including The East Side Denver Human Services building which lacks the capability to serve the needs of veterans, people having trouble with their heating bills, and people who need food stamps.
Denver Health is straining to keep up with dramatic increases in patient loads as other hospitals are moving out of Denver, and is forced to turn away paying customers who help support the hospital.
Our 25-year old animal shelter is so outdated that it does not meet 28 local, state and federal regulatory requirements for a municipal animal shelter. All of these facilities are critical components of the comprehensive system that protects the health of every Denver resident, not just the needy.
1B of the Better Denver 1B bonds will fund over $48.6 million in essential maintenance of our health and human services facilities.



New Eastside Human Services Building

The new Eastside Human Services facility will allow for more services and increased convenience for the public!   Learn more »

New Denver Animal Shelter Complete!

A new Denver Municipal Animal Shelter was complete in June of 2011.  The new shelter helps us more fully achieve our goals and mission to protect animal and human health and safety, and animal welfare.  Learn more »


Westwood Child Development Center

Upgrades to and expansion of the Westwood Child Development Center. The Westwood Child Development Center is for low income children.   Learn more »

Denver Health Fifth Floor Expansion

Remodel the fifth floor of the older hospital building in order to gain 36 medical/surgical beds and to convert the existing 2-bed and 4-bed rooms to private rooms. 
Learn more »